GW Performance


Project Brief

GW Performance a mobile engine tuning based in West Wales was in need of a major update to their current website. Not only changing the look and feel, but to also make the website mobile responsive, which is essential now. They also required integration with a Content Management System, so they could update the website more easily.


Full website design

My Role




The Solution

Designing the website was a challange. It needed to be user friendly but also display alot of information to the user, so they can make an informed decision based on their selections. This can be seen specifically on the Car Details page, a custom stage graph was created to display complex information visually, making the content more digestible for the user.

Most websites for the automotive industry are highly visual, using dramatic imagery to create a sense of fun and excitement. With that in mind I was keen to evoke the same senses for the user, when interacting with the GW site.

As GW was an existing brand with a loyal client base, they wanted to stick with their existing colour palette used for their brand identity. Working with the existing palette I was able to introduce some secondary colours and overlays to create a more visually appealing site. I was aware that some pages were going to be more content heavy so I was keen to give the user more manageable ways to digest that information. I was able to achieve this with the use of accordion style components and graphs to display more complex information.

Below you can see some of my work in progress and the final results.